New Signs at the Grocery Store

I buy a large percentage of my groceries from a Japanese food co-op normally.  The co-op makes everything easy because it’s one stop shopping and it comes with an English list of all the foods. Everything in the catalog lists the origin of the food, which is great because these days, people in Japan need to know where our produce is grown.  We particularly need to know from where the milk originates.  Like all people in Japan right now, we have an idea which prefectures are safe and which are not with regards to possible radiation in the soil or groundwater.

It takes two weeks to start up my co-op again after a prolonged absence like I had recently, so in the meantime, I have been shopping at the international supermarket, where I can read all of the signs.

Here are a few of the new signs at the Nissin, which is my market of choice right now:

One per customer please!

They use Tokyo groundwater for this OJ. I didn't buy it.

I'll buy things that originate in Chiba, pretty much.

This milk is from the northernmost island of Hokkaido - it's fine

For most of the expats, grocery shopping that used to take half an hour suddenly takes half a day by the time we read all of the signs and figure out which prefectures are safe and which are not quite.   The important thing, though, is that we are here.  I am here and I am fine and I am out supporting the local economy the best that I can.
Yes there are a few aftershocks here and there, but nothing intolerable.  The sun is shining and the people in Tokyo are smiling – mostly because it is finally spring. So if this is my biggest hardship, I think I’m in really excellent shape.

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