Back in the Saddle

There was a spot on the bench in Arisugawa Park today at noontime.  To some people, that might not mean much, but some people know that generally on a beautifully sunny day like today was, generally all of the park benches are full of lunchtime revelers who are taking a few precious moments away from the office to enjoy the weather.   When I saw the benches, I was momentarily flustered, but then I shrugged and sat down to enjoy my own lunch.

Yep, I’m back in Tokyo.

I’m so happy to be here.  This is home to me.  I know some of my friends and many of my family members think I’m crazy to be here and I spent a lot of time before I left reassuring people that I’d be all right.  But in the end, it truly doesn’t matter; I’m the one who has to believe it.

Other than yogurt, we can get everything we want from the grocery store.  The streets are quiet, but not overly so.  I’ve been here four days now, and I can’t see too many differences from before the earthquake, six weeks ago.  I suppose people are more anxious and there are fewer students in my kids’ classes now, but really, it’s not so different.  My suitcases still arrived on the Takkyubin (a delivery service) truck before they were supposed to; the streets and shops are still as neat and clean as ever; the five o’clock ding-dongs still chime; and my favorite sushi vendor is still in business.

Japan is an amazing country in which to live, and I’m so proud to be here.  Come visit any time!

2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Glad to hear all is well. You made the right decision for you. We support you. How did Bailey make out at the UN gathering? Did he meet up with his class? How’s Sydney doing? Good luck.

    • Thank you, Marge. The UN was GREAT for Bailey – his resolution passed in the General Assembly and he got to see a game at Yankee Stadium. Those were the highlights. In general the kids are great and happy to be home, though they’re looking forward to summer! Hope all is well with you.

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