Kidnapped by Terrorists – Are Not All Men Created Equal?

In August of 2011 my husband’s family member, Warren Weinstein, was kidnapped from the supposedly secure compound where he was working in Pakistan. Warren has a Ph.D. in international law and economics from Columbia University and is an international development expert with 25 years of experience. He is a linguist and a Rhodes Scholar who has dedicated his life to the service of those less fortunate than he.

The release of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl but not Warren has dismayed family members as noted by the New York Times article, which quotes Elaine Weinstein, Warren’s wife, as wondering why the U.S. government is willing to negotiate with terrorists for some prisoners but not others. Acting as spokesperson, Warren’s daughter spoken with CNN and appeared with Anderson Cooper; various other media outlets have taken up the story.

As my husband, Marc, has noted repeatedly, at a time in his life when most people are thinking about retirement, Warren, who will be 73 years old shortly, was working to make people’s lives better in Asia and Africa.

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3 thoughts on “Kidnapped by Terrorists – Are Not All Men Created Equal?

  1. Dear Aimee and family,

    I have been following your blog for a year now. This particular blog entry stayed on my mind and in my prayers for a long while, and I strongly hoped for a different outcome. Today, I heard the heartbreaking news about your husband’s family member, Mr. Warren Weinstein. I wanted to let you know how terribly sorry I am. I am stunned, shocked, sad, and angry.

  2. Dear Aimee and Marc,

    I was devastated to hear if the loss of Warren. May God comfort you among the mourners of Jerusalem and Israel.


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