Blogging Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum – My Interview on Expats Blog

I have been interviewed by the blogging site ExpatsBlog!  You can read the interview and see my opinions on life in Japan HERE.

Recently I’ve been connected with other bloggers through Expat blogging sites.  These sites are wonderful clearinghouses for bloggers like me, but also for the expats who live abroad and are looking for multiple viewpoints/experiences to guide them on their journeys abroad.

One of my favorites is Expats Blog.  They have such a breadth of different writers in different countries, all writing about their varied lives in their countries of residence.  It’s so helpful for me to read the pieces and get a feel for how other bloggers relate to their audiences.



2 thoughts on “Blogging Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum – My Interview on Expats Blog

  1. Hi there! I just moved with my 3 son here to Tokyo 2 months ago. We are nearly over the hump of getting settled- however, I’m having second thoughts on my son’s future at ASIJ. He’s going into the second grade. I’m wondering if Nishimachi may be a better fit for him- as it is closer to home (Minamiazabu). We have no real friends are contacts here to ask around- as most of our friends children attend ASIJ. I’d love to hear your experiences with the schools. I’m just not pleased with our transition so far with ASIJ… and I want my little boy to feel at home and thrive here in Japan. Could I contact you? Thanks for your time and consideration!!!

    • Hi Lindsey-
      Welcome to Tokyo! I don’t think you have too much to worry about with ASIJ. Besides being closer to home and the excellent Japanese program at Nishimachi, there’s no real advantage that Nishimachi has over ASIJ. In some ways, I wish I had both kids at ASIJ but it’s a long story involving coming out of Montessori that caused us to put the kids at different schools. I think I wrote something about it on my other blog, Musings of a Middle School Mom. I’ll email you with my private email address if you’d like.

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