Holy Smart Cars – it’s a Ferrari!

When my husband first saw this photo, he thought it was just a regular Smart Car with a Ferrari sticker on it.  But oh ye of little faith, I checked in with my “friend” Google and found out that yes, Ferrari has been making a smart car.  At first it was just Ferrari designers working for Smart Car, but then the company, in 2008 or thereabouts, starting their own line of them.  Here’s a link to a Ferrari dealership in the US that carries the car, Dessert Motors.  I went on Smart Car Owner fora and also looked at some interesting design options for the car.  Tokyo is a car-lover’s dream – you can find every conceivable type of car around here, from a tiny Toyota to a huge Hummer.  Japanese people love new cars, but most of them are pretty practical, and the city exists mostly on the infrastructure of the public transport.  But still, it’s fun to see what people drive around every day, and every now and then, you find something astounding.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Holy Smart Cars – it’s a Ferrari!

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