British Pub Humor in Tokyo

From the little bathroom in the pub

I have an American friend here in Tokyo whose mission it is to try all of the smoke-free craft brew places that she can.  Her hunt led us to the Aldgatein Shibuya.  It’s a great little place off the beaten path on the second floor of a building that is behind the main drag.  They have more than twenty beers on tap, including hard cider, a favorite of mine.  The cider was a bit sweet for my taste, but the amber ale was a delightful mixture of hoppy and bitter, with a bit of wheat taste.  A group of us went together and it was like a time warp.  There were a lot of foreigners in the bar, but it wasn’t exclusive, and there were soccer matches going on on all the TVs in the joint.  It really was a proper British pub, serving bangers and mash along with fish and chips with their craft brews.

Don’t piss off the bartenders!

My favorite thing was the signs, however.  Here is just a sampling of one behind the bar and one in the bathroom.  Funky signs abounded and kept us chuckling all night.

If you like craft brews, British wait staff, soccer and a good chuckle, then this is definitely the place for you!


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