More on Keitai (cellphone) Safety via my Writing Partner

Last week I wrote about the dangers of texting and walking, and in a hint of irony, my writing partner, Alice, covered a similar topic on her blog on the same day.  She took the problem one step further and discussed the new issue Japan is facing, which is people being so involved in whatever they are doing on their phones that they are falling off of train platforms on to the tracks.  See Alice’s post here.

The post focuses on doors on the subway platforms.  This is not Japan being paternalistic and wanting citizens to follow the rules, she writes, it really is a safety measure.  The post shows similar doors in Bangkok and other cities around the world.

Alice is a columnist for the Japan Times and you can read her full article on the topic here.  For the column, she actually went to Metro officials and discussed the newer installation of the doors.  It’s a great column and I encourage you to follow all of Alice’s work closely.

Please be safe with your phone today!

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