The Ultimate Convenience

The Japanese know how to do it right – if they need anything, it should be available in a vending machine 24/7.

This particular machine was in a parking lot by the exit.  Drivers expect to walk some distance from any parking lot to their ultimate destination.  But what if it’s raining?  Here’s the ultimate solution to the problem:

Just as a note – I have anecdotally noticed that when it rains, there are fewer cars on the road.  Japanese people tend to drive very slowly and  cautiously (there are reasons stereotypes exist, you know – they do sometime derive from an element of truth…) and so it’s inefficient to drive when it rains.  There is more likely to be traffic when it’s sunny and fine so people are happy to go out for a drive.  Otherwise, they stay underground.  This is just the opposite of the U.S. where people are less likely to walk if it rains, preferring the dry comfort of their cars.  Interesting mind-set, neh?

Japanese convenience – the ultimate in comfort.  And that is yet another reason why I love it here!

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