Write It Out!

Tokyo might just be one of the coolest cities on the planet in which to be a writer.  Everywhere I look there is something happening or something I don’t understand or something that sparks my imagination.  I’m a gai-jin, or foreigner in this city – an American – and a writer to boot, so I write to make sense of my world.  There are funny food items I’ve found; there are escapades in the trains; there are misunderstandings with the natives; and there is an endless supply of fun to be had with the language barrier.

But this is not all about Tokyo.  I am a writer; I just happen to be a writer in Tokyo.  I have other things going on – I have written and am in the process of editing two completely different novels.  I write some freelance articles for various English-language publications in Tokyo and other magazines in the U.S.  I teach writing also – I have a doctorate in composition.

My third role in life is that of wife and mother – yes that is rolled into one big honkin’ role that I label as “nurturer”.  I am married to a patent attorney whose clients are Japanese high-tech firms, and that is what brought us to this amazing country.  We have two kids who are ten and seven years old right now.

This blog is not about any of those single things.  This blog is about the intersection of those things.  The schedule is as follows:

Tokyo Tuesdays

Thursdays are for writing

And on occasion: Weekends with Kids – on Saturdays

Follow my progress as I move through my life in Japan, writing and editing my novels and still paying attention to my kids and family.

Welcome aboard; here we go!!

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