Restaurant Ordering Via IPad

The Menu of the Hong Kong Kitchen

This weekend, we had dinner at the Hong Kong Kitchen in Roppongi Hills.  Most people think of Dim Sum for weekend brunch, but this restaurant has an all-you-can-eat Dim Sum Menu in the evenings.

Dim Sum is a Cantonese word for “snack” but is commonly comprised of a meal of individual dumplings.  Some examples include: pork shumai, spinach dumplings, shrimp dumplings and individual servings of roasted duck on rice.

We don’t go to this restaurant particularly often, but often enough to notice, after we were seated, that they had changed the menu slightly.  Then the waiter came over to our table and handed us an iPad.  He showed us how to look over each item on the menu on the machine – seeing the items together or individually.  They we could select the items, choosing the number we wanted, before going to the final place to press “order” and the entire order would go to the kitchen.  Since it was all we could eat, we could do that as many times as we wanted. The food magically appeared a few minutes after pressed

Marc and Sydney pour over the menu!

“order” each time.

It was SO COOL!

We couldn’t do anything else on the iPad – it was configured to run only one program, but it was still neat to order in that manner.  And there were no mistakes.  We got everything we ordered perfectly.

I love technology and of course, living in Tokyo.

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