Extra Writing Just Because it Feels Good

Last week I had my first post on the EZine, A Hopeful Sign.  (Click here to see it – I wrote about my post-earthquake experience in a very life-changing, positive way.)  The editor, Gary Doi, is a retired Superintendent of Schools in Canada and has put together the EZine to promote Hope as a concept.  It is a great site, and it has some wonderful writers.  Gary was the one who found me, based on some of my Twitter Posts, which let him to my blog.

When he asked me to write, I was hesitant at first.  My number one question was if the site had anything to do with religion, which it does not, Gary was quick to assure me.  But also, the job doesn’t pay, and I’d be doing it out of the goodness of my heart, to honestly promote the concept of HOPE.  I think of it in all capitals these days.   Then I decided to try it.  I really had nothing to lose.

What I found was that I loved it.  I loved thinking about the world from a position of HOPE.  I loved writing and knowing that the readers of my piece would be actively looking for a positive message.   I loved that the piece was done days before it had to be, and only took a short time to do since it really was comprised of heartfelt honesty.

Sometimes the best things in life are free.  And sometimes you do the best things in life FOR free.  Payment is nice, but a good feeling goes a long way, too.  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Extra Writing Just Because it Feels Good

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