Food in Palm Beach

Okay, I admit it: I’m a food snob.  The food in Tokyo is so amazing and beautifully presented that it’s hard to compare to anywhere else.  In fact, Tokyo now has more stars from Michelin than Paris now.  Also, in addition to more stars, there are more restaurants with stars in Tokyo than Paris.  Often I am contemptuous of American food.  But today, I was not.

For my upcoming birthday, my mom took me to a restaurant called Cafe L’Europe right in the heart of Palm Beach.  The service was impeccable, the food was delicious and the decor was exquisite.

Every table of the small-ish restaurant (seating about 50 in the front room) had a short, square vase with a few roses in it – each table sported a different color vase.  In the summer, off-season, the restaurant has a prixe fixe menu – three courses for a set price.

The afternoon began with a bellini, into which they poured more champagne when the glasses were empty. So incredibly delicious. an d decadent.

Mom and I both started with the trio of soups.  In three tiny bowls set on one plate, we had cold pea soup, gazpacho, and cucumber dill soup.  Each was better smooth and perfectly spiced.  Mom had a the chicken Milanese, and I had snapper over pineapple rice.  The desert was also a trio of decadent creme caramel, coffee ice cream over chocolate cake, and a fresh fruit tarte.  Of course, since my birthday is next week, there was a resounding chorus of happy birthday.

Mom and I had a wonderful time.

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