Writing Wherever I Am…

Last week I was on vacation in Thailand – one day in Bangkok and four days

Phuket Bird Life

in Phuket.  Phuket was a dream-come-true of relaxation.  We rented a villa with a pool so the kids could swim whenever they wanted.  But for me, the vacation was not just a holiday away from work – it was a time to let my brain work unimpeded.  Without the pressures of real life – the house, cooking, the kids, friends, etc. – I was able to let my imagination wander as I sat near the pool.

I outlined a short story I want to write. I wrote my regular blog post.  I wrote an article that I had been putting off.  In brief, my writing flowed.  Luckily, part of my regular travel “gear” now includes a small netbook so I’m never without a computer.  I have word processing access in only a few ounces of carry-weight.  I put the computer out by the pool and wrote while the kids swam.  I wrote in the evenings and in the early morning before anyone awoke.  It was very serene and it was very creative.

Sunset in Phuket

Now that I’m home from my holiday, I’m looking forward to starting my “real” life again. I like all the activities that whirl around me – violin lessons, swim team, charity work, ladies’ lunches, etc.  But it was nice to have the time away and to get the creative juices flowing again.  I have a lot of great things going on in my life, but I am first and foremost a writer.

One thought on “Writing Wherever I Am…

  1. Sooo beautiful, and it sounds so lovely!!! 🙂

    Just, no matter how many times you tell me, my mind still “pronounces” Phuket… well… like an American. An ugli American. 😉 *giggle, snicker*

    Am glad you got such a wonderful vacation with writing time. *Hugs*

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