Positive Press – Lost With Translation!

My book, Lost With Translation, or in Japanese Hen-na Eigo (weird English) came out in January, and now it’s getting positive reviews in the the Japanese press.  Please go out and get your copy from Amazon.jp if you live in Japan.  If you live elsewhere, contact me, and perhaps I can get you a copy.

Both the Asahi Weekly and Japan Times Weekly editions reviewed the book and called it good for English learners.  They called the author funny and said the book was a good read.

This is getting fun!

Sneak Peek Sunday

Only one or two more weeks until my book, Lost With Translation from D21 Publications, arrives in stores and on Amazon.com! I will announce the exact date when I have it.  In the meantime, here’s a little taste of what you’ll see in it!

Beware of the Dread of Aflo!  This sign is from a hair shop in Omotesando.  That pesky “L” and “R” transposition causes all sorts of funny problems! “Dread” written on the list in that way is mildly amusing as well.  You can find all sorts of silly implications in there if you look.