Oh What a Summer it Was!

I took a break from blogging for the summer, as you may have noticed, but here I am renewed and refreshed from some time away from Tokyo.  I spent about ten weeks in various parts of the East Coast of the United States with friends and family.  Here are a few photos that tell of our adventures.  Back to my  Tokyo Tuesdays next week!  Meanwhile, look for my regular postings on writing and parenting on Thursday.  See you soon!

Hanging in New York City with my niece and nephew, Jake and Alyssa and my kids.

My son went to sleep away camp for a month – the city boy in the country!

My cousin Jenn and I sat on a dinosaur at the Living Museum in Newport News, VA.

My daughter went to sleep away camp for two weeks! It was her first time and she loved it!

While the kids were at camp, I did a lot of exploring in Washington DC. This is the International Trade Commission building, taken from the balcony of the Newseum, the museum of news.

My kids prepping to go off to golf with my dad


My son prepared for his bar mitzvah. More on THAT later!

Beaches, seashells, and surfing, oh my!

My husband and my son did not injure each other as their surfboards nearly collided!

Last stop, Florida, for the bar mitzvah, my parents and my in-laws. Here we are with my mother-in-law at Lady Ann’s Tea Room in Jupiter, Florida. Hats are part of the meal!