In Tokyo, A Somewhat Typical Dog

The Japanese love their dogs.  I see dogs of all shapes and sizes everywhere in the city.  Often they are in carrier bags slung over owners’ shoulders or in cute little dog-strollers.  Those things make me a little crazy, especially when I see the dog on the edge of a basket looking like he’s dying to escape and walk by himself.  But the clothes are what makes me giggle.  While I haven’t seen too many pups with backpacks like this one, so I had to share.  It almost seems like the dog is carrying a smaller version of himself.  I will tell you that I couldn’t get the dog to look at me as I took his photo – nor could the two or three other people near me who were doing the same.  Was the dog embarrassed, do you think?  Perhaps.  Enjoy this little glimpse into Tokyo dog culture!