Sneak Peek Sunday!

The sign says it all!

When I pass this sign, I always wonder what is going on here.  Are they teaching adults to behave like children? Are they teaching children to behave like adults?  Perhaps they are just studying childish, silly people.  “Infantile” means childish or babyish and is not synonymous with infant!

Please look for my book, Lost with Translation, set to be published by Discover21 on November 15th.  Don’t worry – you’ll be able to get it on Amazon in the U.S. as well as in bookstores here in Tokyo!

Sneak-Peek Sunday: To Smoke or Not to Smoke?

My book, Lost with Translation, is set for publication from Discover21 Publications on November 15th.  Please enjoy this funny look at one of the signs from the upcoming book!

Spotted at Starbucks in Shinjuku

At Starbucks, patrons can smoke for free, even on the terrace.  That’s what this sign says anyway.  Smokers will soon flock to this Starbucks in Shinjuku in order to smoke as much as they would like, all for no cost.  No I’m joking. I think they forgot the verb in the sentence.  They meant, “please let us BE smoke-free.”  People who go there for the free smoking will be sorely disappointed.

Sneak-peek Sunday!

We’re still working toward October publication with Discover 21 Publications! Here’s a look at one of the signs that will go into my book, which is now tentatively titled, Lost With Translation:

This photo is from the parking garage next-door to the new Otani Hotel.  Perhaps they’re expecting foreigners.  I mean, really! How big of a space does someone’s “privates” need???