Sneak-Peek Sunday!

My book, Lost With Translation, published by Discover 21 Publications, is set to appear on shelves in Japan (and on Amazon) in late January/early February.  It will be comprised of signs in funny English that I’ve found here in Tokyo.  Enjoy this little look into the book!

Personally, I like my rice bowl to be polished, lest I get some ceramic mixed in with my food.  However, if they’re referring to my rice, polishing seems a little odd and makes me think of shoe polish, which is completely unappetizing.

Sneak-Peek Sunday!

Good news! Though we are putting off the publication date itself, it’s for a very good reason: expansion of the original idea! Discover 21 Publications will publish my book, Lost With Translation, when I’ve found 100 signs.  I am only 24 off – this will not be too hard.  Feel free to contribute – I’m happy to give photo credit.

Look carefully!

This particular sign is rather white.  At least that’s what I think of when I see SALL – which reminds me of an ashy pall.  Of course that has nothing to do with the advertised discount.

We’re still moving forward here!  Enjoy the ride!!